The seed of the idea that I wanted to pick up photography as a hobby was sown young when my best friend at the age of 13 (and still dear to me) got a Nikon FM10 as a gift from his dad. We played around with it all summer and had a load of fun trying to understand its workings. Unfortunately, photography was an expensive hobby and something I would never get to pursue on my own until I got a steady job and paid off my student loans in 2012. By the time, digital cameras had firmly replaced the FM10’s of yore as the everyday camera and film photography had become a niche hobby.

I occasionally had the opportunity to use the digital Nikons and Canon’s my friends owned but the spark I had felt using that old film SLR was missing. I put this down to my waning interest in photography. But when a friend in University who had taken up film photography after a few years of shooting digital proudly handed me his newly acquired Hasselblad 500 C/M, I felt that same wonder and excitement from all those years looking through the massive waist level finder, feeling the heft of the camera, and handling its serious knobs and large lenses. That relatively recent memory was what tipped me to buying my first camera, a venerable Mamiya C330. Working the Mamiya roused my curiosity for other formats and has lead me to owning a number of film cameras (seven at last count!) that see less use than they deserve. I went on to append my kit with a digital camera (Fuji X-pro1, a very film-like camera) for the convenience of having one but still shoot a lot of film

While I shoot a lot, my work tends to be more focused on process over results. My images seem cold and lack aesthetic. I am making conscious effort to change this. I have made this website as a portal to share the results of my hobby with people. Please feel free to share your critiques or thoughts with me.