Just another quick and dirty post about one of my favourite spots in the whole world, San Fran.The trip was quick one, I was spending some time for work and treated myself to a weekend with two of my favorite people P & S. Admittedly over a cloudy there was no time for doing much other than taking a few walks , the highlight being one of SF’s famous staircase walks which I did with 15 pounds of camera gear (RZ67 with 2 lenses, Fuji X-Pro1 with one lens and Nikon FM2n with one lens as I remember). I tried some experimental (at the time Cinestill) and loved the results.Some of my night shots were meh. But the film performed admirably well in what was very poor lighting.

The other highlight was my film bag setting off the “chemical nose” at airport security, being patted down 5 times and missing my flight. Thankfully P turned right around and picked me up and I turned up bright and early(6:45 AM, If I remember correctly) to the airport to make my second flight on which I was wait listed. Thanks TSA!