While I intend to update all my past travels over time here, I hope to slip in a post now and then about photos that I have taken recently. One such occasion arose when I took up Arun’s offer to go shooting with him. Arun is a friend and colleague who primarily shoots digital (Canon 6D) and loves photographing things at night. He had been keen on shooting together for a while and his enthusiasm was infectious enough to overcome my inertia.

We shot a number of subjects , and as with the Auckland skyline ,the sky tower was the most prominent object. We also managed to make our way over to Viaduct past drunk party goers and got a few shots from the wharf. I am not done with Auckland and there will be a post talking about my experiences and thoughts on Auckland in general. I leave you now with a few select shots from the shoot. Arun has a great eye and has some nice shots over on instagram at (@aaashok).